Win 1 of the 3 Brain Bar tickets for yourself or a friend by finding the right answers to the Future Jobs QUIZ. You can only find the answers at the event. You’re welcome to search online, but you won't find them on Google!
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On May 31, Brain Bar’s new job fair helps you find your dream job. Choose your career path and build your future with specially selected jobs that shape the future.

You’ll spend 92.120 hours at work during the course of your lifetime. You’d better make it good. Like, really good.

We know how you can make most of your talent and grow like wild fire.
Whether you’re a rule-breaker, a questioner or a straight-A student who never skipped class, we want you on board.

At Future Jobs you can find positions in the field of communication, marketing, technology, analytics and operations that shape today and define the future. We guarantee to fill 50 positions by the end of the day.

Recommended jobs

Hardware Developer for Automotive Electronics
Develop the electric hardware components of electronic control units, and be completely responsible for the worldwide lead development of the products! Does this sound good to you? Apply & make sure you comment at the application: *FUTURE JOBS*
UI Engineer
Our software team continues to develop one of the most powerful and intuitive desktop print applications on the market: PreForm.Our rapidly growing team needs an engineer obsessed with aesthetic and functional polish to bring our software to the next level.
Desktop Software Engineer
Software is at the centre of our product development, transitioning digital models to beautiful physical form in 3D printing. Join us if you’re passionate about systems, can seamlessly move from one platform to another & want to have a big impact on the backend side of a complex product.

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