Crazy robots, badass scientists and the wizards of Hollywood at Brain Bar

We're five months away from the biggest European festival on future thinking. I already feel the excitement of a 10-year-old who just can't wait to meet his cartoon superheroes.

As the founder I always follow a simple strategy: to put together an agenda so fresh and inspiring that it would grab my own imagination if I was a student, a teacher, or a startup founder. One among the thousands of our potential attendees. For 2018, my team did a MAR-VE-LO-US job and I already feel the excitement of a 10-year-old who can't wait to meet his cartoon superheroes.

Here you can find some of my favorites, from various backgrounds -- for various reasons.

1. Nathan Crowley on the future of Cinema

They say, behind every great man there's a great woman. We can also notice behind every legendary filmmaker there's (at least) one epochal mastermind, in writing, producing, filming, music scoring... Now behind one of the most acclaimed contemporary brands of Hollywood, director Christopher Nolan, stands his designer wizard Crowley.

Just think about it: how those iconic breakthroughs like Inception, Dunkirk, Westworld or Interstellar were deeply determined by their incredible visual atmoshphere, its uniqueness and originality -- and the Genius behind them.

Is there anyone out there who could guide us more authentically into the future of widescreen?

2. Sophia on the future of Intelligence

The world's number one robot superstar is coming to Brain Bar with getting the headlines on her own right, but believe me, there's much more to this.

For us in the festival crowd, this close encounter with an advanced humanoid robot will tell as much about us as about the technology itself.

How will we behave as individuals? Scared? Distant? Curious? What emotional pattern will decide whether we love or hate our unusual guest? How will this experience modify our original expectations about the future of humanity? Watch the main stage. Rediscover yourself.

3. Chris D. Thomas on the future of Nature

A relatively unknown academic with an earthshaking story... As an experienced ecologist, Chris D. Thomas has all those credentials that make someone accepted in serious circles. But he also has something that many others don't: genuine bravery to challenge the most widespread myths of his own profession - Science. In his groundbreaking book Inheritors of the Earth, he presents a bunch of mind-blowing evidence how - despite all of our industrialized efforts, climate change and mass extinction - Mother Nature is actually thriving in the age of Homo Sapiens. Time for optimism? Chris, convince us before its too late!

4. Margrethe Vestager on the future of Capitalism

Born in the Danish countryside as the daughter of Lutheran pastors, Commissioner Vestager has been the leader of economic policy for the world's happiest country, and now massively reshaping how the most powerful global corporations like Google, Apple and Facebook are competing and being taxed in Europe. If there's anyone these days in the European Union headquarters whom you can rightly call a Rising Star, someone whose moves are still worth following -- it's Commissioner Vestager. But is there a real war between territorial governments and borderless tech companies? If so, who loses for now, and what is the meaning and value of victory?

5. Ted Chiang on the future of Civilization

An exceptionally talented sci-fi visionary, a sharp and original critic of our technophile zeitgeist. After the tremendous success of his novel and motion picture blockbuster Arrival, while producing some truly provocative statements on the contradictory dogmas of Silicon Valley, he's just about to drop in for Brain Bar to talk about the consequences of our cultural decadence and the rise of self-conscious AI. Chiang's pronounced judgments are widely (and wildly) contested in the tech community.

Thus, with him you can leapfrog to the frontline of the hottest debate of our time.

In 2018, the agenda of Brain Bar is once again full of inspiration, knowledge and entertainment. Just can't wait to see you in June!

(On the cover: Hanson Robotics' android superstar and the world's first robot citizen Sophia)

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