Now you can practice Blockchain, sci-fi, and Aristotle at Brain Bar

We're launching a bunch of business focused workshops, just one day before Brain Bar's main festival program kicks off.

As the newest edition of Brain Bar, the biggest future festival in Europe is rapidly approaching, we still have one or two exciting things to announce. Let's start with our first-ever Mastermind Sessions, something I'm REALLY excited about.

I can tell you, by far the most important lesson we've learned from the first 3 years of Brain Bar is the pivotal importance of direct contact between the speakers and their audience.

Last year, I think we finally started to break down the walls by launching some funny and entertaining, fully home-grown formats, inviting audience members to challenge our speakers on stage. You'll definitely see a further advanced version of these playful encounters again this year, but also something totally new.

Mastermind Sessions is a bunch of business focused, small-group, intimate workshops on May 31, just one day before Brain Bar's main festival program kicks off.

Our goal is to build a relaxed environment where you can strategize the future of YOUR OWN project or business together with some of the best of our speakers, business gurus, coaches, scientists and trend forecasters.

Ari Popper, the founder and CEO of SciFutures (a consulting practice by some called "the coolest company on Earth") will help you to imagine your business in 2040. Ari's unique method will train your inner visionary to literally involve sci-fi into your product development, a feature that can definitely differentiate you from any competitors. He's not only a genius, but also one of the friendliest and most loveable coaches ever, I guarantee.

Andrew Taggart is another rare treasure: a practical philosopher who helps Silicon Valley kind of entrepreneurs, CEOs and business founders with timeless leadership advice. Now it's your turn to explore how Plato or Aristotle can boost your innovation potential. Then we've a true business rebel, anarcho-capitalist Jeffrey Tucker on board! He'll guide you to the frightening and promising new world of Blockchain, to discover how this revolutionary technology can take your company ahead of everyone else -- also to prepare you to defend your business from competitors’ exploiting your transaction workflows.

Last but not least, we'll have a very special thought provoking workshop by Eliot Gattegno, business professor of the world-renowned New York University, TechCrunch author and guess what, a virtuoso musician. A brave and challenging skeptic of fashionable myths, Eliot is your perfect coach to destroy pointless corporate processes, self-serving sophistry, or ineffective HR at your company.

Science fiction, Blockchain, music and classic philosophy... what more could one ask for?

Friends, our Mastermind Sessions are now open for a limited number of applications! If you're managing teams, running a business or just thinking about launching your own company, this is definitely your thing to become future-proof. Please find out the details and secure your seat HERE.

(On the cover: 'Product Zero', an illustration by Charleston, SC based visual futurist Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple)

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