BREAKING NEWS: Peter Thiel to speak at Brain Bar

Yes, it is happening: one of the world’s most commercially successful entrepreneurs is flying in to Budapest for the biggest ever boom in Brain Bar's history.

Silicon Valley colossus Peter Thiel —along with his long-time confederate Elon Musk— was co-founder of Pay-Pal, hotbed of the legendary Pay-Pal Mafia. He was the first big investor of dozens of game changing companies including Facebook, LinkedIn, and even SpaceX, the one that recently sent Starman to the cosmos. Thiel is also chairman of the $20 billion intelligence firm Palantir Technologies and author of the worldwide bestseller on startups ‘Zero to One’.

Three UNUSUAL FACTS about our newest headliner

  1. Peter Thiel studied no math, business or engineering but philosophy at Stanford University.
  2. He is a chess master. During college, Thiel was recognized as one of the highest rated under-21 players in America.
  3. Almost every one of Thiel's own companies (Clarium, Palantir, Valar, Rivendell, Lembas, and Mithril) were named after objects or characters in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, one of his strongest inspirations.

Needless to say, welcoming the "most powerful person in tech" to main stage is like a dream coming true for a gathering that self-consciously calls itself a festival on the future. Yet his exorbitant record as founder and investor of skyrocketing businesses was not even the major reason behind our efforts to bring him to Brain Bar. It wasn't his power, but his ideas behind.

Because Peter Thiel's views on innovation, culture, and civilization are among the most provoking judgements on the worldwide intellectual marketplace.

Skeptical? You can easily convince yourself by two diversified shortlists, starting with popular domains he DOES NOT endorse with another one about those stuff he actively supports.

First of all, Thiel DOES NOT share the common perception that we're living in an age of never-before-seen technological progress. He sees our pace of development actually slowing since the 1960s(!) and most of our celebrated novelties as meaningless nonsense. He DOES NOT see universities the right way to educate free people. His Thiel Fellowship gives young entrepreneurs $100,000 to skip college and pursue their business dreams instead. Unlike other superstars in the US tech industry, Thiel DOES NOT think President Trump is a bad leader at all, even supports his plans on global trade rigour.

Three MUST READS by and about Peter Thiel

  1. No death, no taxes. The libertarian futurism of a Silicon Valley billionaire (The New Yorker)
  2. Why is Peter Thiel pessimistic about technological innovation? (Medium)
  3. Peter Thiel's speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention (TIME)

What he DOES believe is that Christianity is true and does not belong to the past. He DOES also assume that China is leaving the US and Europe behind in technology and innovation mostly because the centralizing nature of Artifical Intelligence (AI) fits better to the traditional Chinese culture than to Western individualism. Not least, he DOES think it's time to conquer the world seas and to build floating independent city states without old-school bureuracy.

Long story short, urging sovereign individuals to leave conventions and colonize new physical or virtual frontiers is the central message of Peter Thiel's career. His widely quoted question on job interviews tells pretty much everything about his eccentric logic to push everyone towards discovery, adventure, and imagination:

“What do you believe that almost no one agrees with you on?”

Join us and meet the one and only Peter Thiel in person at Brain Bar, his first-ever public appearance in Central Europe. Buy your all-festival pass HERE.

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