Mastery over creativity?
A guide to getting the job done

Workshop with Eliot Gattegno

Is creativity overrated? Does it pay the bills? While we glorify creativity and innovation, we tend to forget about plain and simple grit. If you want more customers, hands-on experience and mastery matter just as much, if not more.


In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • how you can boost your employees’ creativity and motivation
  • the right proportion between creative and executive capacities
  • the right combination of skill-set, mindset and experience

Eliot Gattegno

Professor at NYU Shanghai

Dr. Eliot Gattegno is a professor of business and arts at NYU Shanghai, writes for media outlets including Quartz, TechCrunch, and NBC News, and works with companies including IDEO, LEGO, Conde Nast, and Google Creative Labs exploring the space between technology and the arts and what can happen where they intersect.

Eliot Gattegno