How to remove bullsh*t from business and create value: ancient philosophy in modern practice

Workshop with Andrew Taggart

By worshipping performance and productivity, startup culture influences the rest of the world, and not necessarily in a good way. Practical philosophy shows alternatives to productivity obsession and spurs real performance without the bullshit and ego battles that tend to consume people in this process.


In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • philosophical methods to improve your understanding of problems and help you make better business decisions
  • why it’s essential to identify and remove mumbo jumbo from ’business thinking’
  • how productivity obsession can backfire, and how you can fight it
  • how philosophy can help us to think through the human significance of AI

Andrew Taggart

The Practical Philosopher

Practical philosopher Andrew Taggart speaks daily over Skype with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, executives, founders and venture capitalists to help them find meaning in their profession and fill the hole in the soul of business. A kind of Chief Philosophy Officer, Andrew shows how ancient thinkers can answer eternal questions about a good life as well as more practical ones about how one should think about innovation.

Andrew Taggart