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4-5 June 2020, CORVINUS CAMPUS

Mad inventions, Climate change and AI coworkers


Let's talk about Your Future

Brain Bar hosts the biggest European festival on the future annually in Budapest. We bring together the most exciting visions from top thinkers, businessmen, artists to politicians from all over the world. Diversity is key for inspiration: that is why we offer a wide variety of topics from business to parenting, from art to technology, from politics to food.

Brain Bar gives a spotlight to visionaries, not celebrities. We understand that intellectual surprises drive inspiration. We find the most interesting ideas from different fields and bring them together.

Our objective is to question the status quo, drive discussion and spark debate about the most important questions of our future. We invite you to talk about the latest discoveries, how technology affects humanity and ethics in the age of robots.


What if we got climate policy all wrong? Swimming against the mainstream, Bjørn Lomborg challenges concerns approved by the masses while provoking the listener to improve their critical thinking around the hottest (or coldest?) topic of today. As president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and visiting professor at Copenhagen Business School, he has been named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world, so you are guaranteed to have hot debate on your hands.

What did Picasso, Hemingway and Van Gogh have in common? They all used the same, humble black notebooks. Happiness sometimes is more analog than we might think: Maria Sebregondi, founder of the beloved Moleskine notebooks is an advocate for the written word in this digital age.

Ever since he was a small boy, Franky Zapata has dreamt of being able to fly. Firmly convinced that nothing is impossible, his research gave birth to the Flyboard® Air, a hydroflighting device that flew for the first time in 2016. Vowing to continue making to create innovatory machines straight out of comic books, this time Franky will fly over the Danube. Meet the visionary, mad inventor and get inspired by his unstoppable conviction as he takes our dreams closer to the sky.

We can't see the atoms that make us, we only see a tiny sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum, and 95% of all animal species are smaller than the human thumb. We think we see the whole picture of reality - but we don’t. Ziya Tong, former co-host of Discovery's Daily Planet and author of the international hit, 'The Reality Bubble' takes you on a journey through the hidden pathways that shape our lives in unexpected and sometimes dangerous ways. Good old Mother Nature might have a trick or two left up her sleeve.

At only 10, Ryan has become an international icon for recycling awareness. He is active in leading beach clean-up events in his community and speaks globally about how we can take action in saving our planet. With an impressive number of over 700,000 cans and bottles recycled, Ryan is a junior ambassador for numerous visionary organizations. Talk about being accomplished!

Lital exemplifies the modern woman by tackling controversial topics many wouldn't even dare to touch. One of the rising stars in international broadcasting, the future Wonder Woman of the newsroom is here to share how to fight fake news, antisemitism and inequality.

Spoiled children, total freedom and unreal expectations - is this all we can get from modern parenting? David Eberhard challenges preconceptions with his long clinical experience as a psychiatrist, but more impressively as a father of 6. In his international bestseller, 'How Children Took Power' he writes about the permissive upbringing that will lead to problems when kids turn into young adults. They say there are no definite rules in parenting... but is it time to reassess what we think about raising our kids?

Can you be a standup comedian, a circus artist and a data scientist at the same time? Andrea said yes to all of these, while challenging the complexity and diversity aspects of data as the Director of Undergraduate Studies at the New York University Center for Data Science. With our nominee for the 'Coolest Teacher Award', it's time to literally flip what you believed to be true about data science.

Is it possible that we became dangerously addicted to our almighty web? What if the internet was gone, and there was no search engine to answer your questions, no late-night pizza just a click away, and online dating was non-existent? Or would the reality actually be far more serious and scary? Tim Maughan, hotshot of modern sci-fi and author of 'Infinite Detail' imagines a tomorrow where everyone has been forced to log-off, for good.

Having a lens into the future is the kind of foresight that many world leaders would kill for and Radha Mistry knows this better than anyone. Radha has incredible insight for forecasting how our organisations, cities and communities will change and how WE can address and impact these changes. Practice Leader for Foresight at Autodesk, former member of the Arup Foresight + Innovation team in London and San Francisco, she is an expert architect crafting speculative futures every day. Time to see how prophecies and visions can actually come true!

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