All-star series

Ari's Futures

with Ari Popper

Futurist Ari Popper creates scenarios through sci-fi stories as a day job. He's usually hired by multinationals in the race for clients. But this time he uses his superpower to advise Brain Bar viewers: in our series, Ari shows you the future of ageing, sex and hamburgers, and many more.

The Laws of Success with Albert-László Barabási

with Albert-László Barabási

Why do some make it while others fail? Why do some people raise to fame while others die unknown no matter how hard they try? Network scientist Albert-László Barabási uses big data to tell you the scientific laws behind everyday stories in the field of success. Master these, and success awaits you.

Ask the Right Question with George Friedman

with George Friedman

Why are we afraid to ask stupid questions? Immerse in the future of geopolitics with our brand new series with George Friedman, one of the globe's best known forecasters!

Today's News from the Future with Steve Fuller

with Steve Fuller

Why do we think about the future by simply extending the present? In our series, Steve Fuller travels to the future to explore how unnoted facts may lead to strange paradoxes in the coming decades.