About Brain Bar

Brain Bar is Europe's largest festival on the future where we debate the issues that will define our future on the long run – unhindered by conventions and unapologetic about breaking taboos. The festival is a three-day event where invited speakers share their views on the future. The event is also interspersed with music and artistic performances and interactive workshops from regional artists. In order to highlight the CEE regional content, we are inviting the best minds from the region to share their vision in the future at Brain Bar.
They will emphasise and strengthen shared common values and goals. Specific questions will be discussed about the Future of Europe and about innovation in the Visegrad countries. Through our annual event, we aim to create a space where new ideas, collaborations and networks can evolve.

Coordinators of the project

International Visegrad Fund
Edit Szilágyiné Bátorfi, Executive Director
Brain Bar Kft.
Kristóf Áron Molnár, Manging Director

Contributing Partners


For the implementation of the project financial support is provided by the Visegrad Fund (www.visegragfund.org).
The amount of the support for the implementation period is 18.000 EUR.
The project’s event will be available between 15th and 17th September 2020, at Brain Bar’s Facebook page.

The National Talent Programme (www.nemzetitehetsegprogram.hu) supports Brain Bar to organize an international online event for youths in Hungary and throughout the Hungarian diaspora to promote critical thinking and bring the world’s most inspiring thinkers to their doorsteps. The mission is to create an opportunity for students and teachers in public education, to know more about the future trends and gather inspiration they can use in careers. Brain Bar serves as a platform to connect talented people with meaningful challenges in Hungary and the CEE region.
The amount of the support for the implementation period is 30.000.000 HUF.
The end date of the program is 31st March 2021.