House of Music Hungary | 21-22 September 2023

Presenting Brain Bar, Europe’s largest annual festival on the future, where you are offered an extraordinary platform to delve into the most pressing issues of the 21st century together with the greatest global minds including scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, and cultural icons. It’s an event where your voice matters: all the sessions are designed for you to ask your most thought-provoking questions and share your thoughts and ideas directly with the speakers. Since its inception in 2015, Brain Bar has hosted an array of global luminaries, from the celebrated psychologist Jordan Peterson and bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell to Sophia, the world's first humanoid robot, and Jacqueline Fuller, the vice president of Google. This year, you'll meet the likes of world-renowned psychologist Esther Perel.

When and where is the festival this year?

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Brain Bar takes place on 21-22 September 2023. Our venue this year is the House of Music Hungary, the address of which is: Olof Palme stny 3., Budapest 1146, Hungary.

What is Brain Bar’s focus in 2023?

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This year, we'd primarily like to aid you in gaining inner strength since we know it is more difficult now to stay strong than ever - this is why we have invited speakers such as relationship therapist and New York Times best-selling author Esther Perel. Although the focus of the 2023 festival is mental well-being, similarly to previous years, we will divide our programs into five key subjects.

What’s there to know about Brain Bar 2023’s speakers?

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This year at Brain Bar, you will encounter speakers such as relationship therapist Esther Perel, and Martin Gurri, a former CIA analyst. However, this is merely a fraction of the exceptional lineup that awaits! Brain Bar 2023 boasts over 130 speakers and you can already get to know them.

What's Brain Bar's program?

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As to the program, you can anticipate a host of captivating discussions, talks, music and art shows across our five stages, alongside useful workshops held in the Talent Hub.

Are there free-to-attend program elements at Brain Bar?

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Absolutely. The Mind Over Matter block at the Vision Stage is free to attend for all on Day 2, starting from 17.45. We especially recommend this block to mental health experts.


  • 17:45 - Our minds, fractured: Máté Szondy, Zsófia Dombi, and Solére's conversation on what goes on in Gen Z's inner life (HU)
  • 18.20 - Broken threads: Esther Perel's talk on whether the loneliness epidemic can be stopped (EN)

Even though the block is free, entry is not guaranteed. In case there are no seats left, please visit the Catalyst Stage where Esther Perel's talk is streamed live.

How much does a pass cost?

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A regular pass is 24 500 HUF (ca. 64-66 EUR) and a daily ticket costs 14 500 HUF (ca. 36-38 EUR). In both cases, you’ll get a 25% discount when buying 4 items at once.

If you’re a student or a teacher, you have the chance to attend Brain Bar for free. All you have to do is to fill out the below survey to sign up for a pass, and we’ll let you know in a couple of days if you’ve made it to Brain Bar for free. Make sure to take it seriously and answer all the questions conscientiously to increase your chances.

Which sessions can I attend if I sign up for a free pass?

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With a little care when filling out the registration form, most probably all of them. We’ll let you know about this a few days after you sign up.

Beware though: before Vision Stage blocks, we first allow in visitors who purchased tickets. After that, we start filling up seats by letting students and teachers with free passes enter. On the rest of our stages, we don’t have rules like this, everyone is free to come and go whenever they please.

If you haven’t been careful enough when answering the questions in the form, you’ll soon receive a notification about not being eligible for a free pass. Even so, we’d love to see you in the audience of the open outside stages of the venue, where you won’t need a pass to check out the talks. 

What’s the language of the programs?

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English or Hungarian. We’ll mark the language on every platform (website, program booklet, and application) where the agenda is going to be available. 

Can I really find a job at Brain Bar?

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Absolutely! At our partners’ booths, other than exciting programs and activities, you can inquire about open positions. A month prior to the festival, we collect these positions on our page Talent Market, where you can check them out and apply for them. The page will be active for 2 months after Brain Bar.

Come and think together with us, listen to the talks, and if you’d like, ask your questions. Hope to see you at the festival!

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