This year Brain Bar selected 5 key topics in hopes of aiding the audience’s journey of consciously interpreting themselves and our world.

Are you sure, that you form opinions independently? Shouldn’t you rethink your watchlist? Critics heralded the end of monoculture - but somehow, we still end up watching the same Netflix series. Our world is changing, and in fact, we are creating new ones. Metaverse is the future’s greatest achievement, or is it just a costly dead-end? Together we will spark debates to strengthen our ability to choose between right and wrong, valuable, and worthless. Brain Bar invites you to join a journey to revaluate what you think you know about the world.

Who should you blame for your lack of success? Are there any skills that will make you stand out in the never-ending competition that is life? What’s the true relevance of talent in the 21st century? Brain Bar is looking for answers with the help of skill-based workshops, honest conversations, and experts from diverse fields from science to entertainment.

What’s written in the stars for the environment? Whether is it under our feet, or up to what’s above our heads, we aim to tackle all the burning questions from greenwashing to space economy. Whether it’s the dark side of crypto or the future of agriculture, we are taking a holistic view at the future of Earth. 

What threats the ‘Trust and Safety’ teams of big tech companies are working against? Are they ready to take responsibility for our well-being on the internet? What if the future of war has little to do with digitalisation? What do the terms “security” and “bonding” mean when collective fear is getting under our skin? Brain Bar is ready to have the conversation in a safe space,without preconceptions, addressing the controversial topics of energy dependence and national security.

Did introspection become fashionable – or is there something else behind the rise of self-help books and meditation mania? Who is making the decisions our gut or our brain? After analysing our past and present, what about our future? Would you edit your own genes? Brain Bar is bringing the brightest scientist to explain what’s happening on the frontiers of biotechnology. Confronting grand visions with the realities of everyday life, we aim to create a safe space for conversations that need to happen before technology moves faster than we can adapt to it. 

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