Mastermind Sessions

Mastermind Sessions

BMC Budapest Music Center, 29 May 2019 – 9:00 - 15:00

How can you conquer the next crisis? Brain Bar teamed up with bestselling author & pioneering mastermind Albert-László Barabási to prepare you for the worst so you can come out on top.

Brain Bar's mission is to ensure that our partners are crisis-proof. We want to help you beef up your strengths and eliminate weak points before sh*t hits the fan. Our tailored workshops will advise you on how to save your business with confidence and evolve in times of crisis.

Work with network scientist Albert-László Barabási who mapped out the Laws of Success in his latest bestselling book, The Formula. At Mastermind Sessions, you'll get to know which paths lead to success & and which ones you should avoid. We've teamed up with the best organizational developers to prepare your own Crisis Readiness Plan for immediate implementation.

Come & get ready at Brain Bar Mastermind Sessions.


We're putting a twist on the powerful world cafe format. We connect diverse perspectives by creating a space where you can listen and interact with all four organisational developers. They will share powerful insights about crisis from the perspective of their expertise & multiple years of experience. Once you've completed a session, you'll discuss & debate in small groups. These modules continue until you've been immersed in all four topics & will give you an in depth overview & applicable knowledge about crisis proofing.

Brace yourself for the future and

  • meet Albert-László Barabási in an intimate setting first hand to discuss the future your company is facing
  • test your preconceptions about success and performance
  • learn what makes up team success & how you can engineer for it
  • co-create with our expert organizational developers 1-on-1 and in small working groups to come up with actionable ideas
  • discover the difference between tactical crisis response and strategic crisis management
  • create your personalized Crisis Readiness Plan to share with your team and implement immediately
  • join us for the festival (your festival ticket included in the workshop price).

  • „Bad companies are destroyed by crisis. Good companies survive them.
    Great companies are improved by them.”

    Andy Grove, Founder of Intel


    Albert-László Barabási

    Rockstar of Network Science

    An award winning theoretical physicist, László is a global pioneer and expert of network science and author of multiple best sellers. Unveiling the scientific principles that drive success, his trailblazing new book, The Formula, offers a new understanding of how people and teams excel in today's society. On this unique occasion, he will offer you actionable insight into how success is doled out by our society, how bias shapes reward, how success breeds success, how fitness matters, how credit is allocated, and how teams succeed.

    Albert-Laszlo Barabasi


    Barbara Bite

    Barbara Bite is an experienced executive coach certified by the International Coach Federation. She is the CEO of Coaching Team Ltd. where she works with business individuals and teams and trains other coaches.

    As an executive coach, Barbara worked with board members and directors of companies in banking, financial and production sectors; she provides coaching to directors responsible for business development, HR, finance. She has worked for Telekom, UPC, Mercedes, BD, Erste, ING, Knorr-Bremse, Béres, Dreher and regularly authors articles in HR and business-related journals.

    László Jónás

    Ákos Németh

    Ákos offers 20 years of experience in developing and implementing innovative operational strategies with the goal of improving business performance to meet company objectives and contributing to the bottom line. He believes strategic planning is an excellent occasion to explore the highest overview, re-define ourselves and create our own future.

    He designs and leads innovative Organizational Development programs, trains and coaches, leaders, musicians, and creative minds. He is a positive fanatic who stubbornly and persistently refuses to accept the impossible, the negative.

    László Jónás

    András Vicsek

    András Vicsek, Co-Founder of Maven7, is a researcher, a management consultant and a trainer specialized in organizational and social network analysis with a solid background in change management, team and organizational development. He is passionate about bringing social capital and networks on the agenda of HR and management.

    Andras has been developing OrgMapper, a web-based Organizational Network Analysis tool for almost 10 years. OrgMapper helps companies to mobilize their organization, accelerate changes and break down silos via organizational network analytics and has been used by companies on 6 continents.

    László Jónás

    Roland Zajkó

    Roland Zajkó is an economist, mental health expert who continuously trains himself in the field of psychology. He started his career in the financial sector, worked for Citibank, OTP and Aegon in sales and marketing. From 2006 his main focus is training and development - he founded his own company to train individuals and large groups. His team is dedicated to improving individual and organizational productivity with a commitment to measurable outcomes.

    Roland's clients come from a wide range of industries including but not limited to retail, FMCG and market research companies. He strongly believes in the power of inspiration, communication and cooperation - and he uses these principles in the culture change projects that he is currently leading.

    László Jónás

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