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    MAY 31 - JUNE 2, 2018 | Corvinus Campus Budapest, Hungary

    The Biggest European
    festival on the future

  • Talking about the future of


    Is Big Data stealing your life?

    Could data influence election success?

    Can we fight against tech monopolies?


    What’s the solution to the migration crisis?

    Will Western civilization survive its inner divisions?

    Does socialism have a future?


    Are superchefs the new heroes?

    Who’ll feed the world in 2050?

    Which trend will revolutionize dining?


    Should we all mine cryptocurrency?

    Can blockchain be a silver-bullet?

    Is frugality a trend or a necessity?


    What if creativity is overrated?

    Why is everybody a fucking entrepreneur?


    Does humanity have a future on Earth?

    Will Mother Nature strike back?

    Should we be afraid of climate migration?


    What’s the future of Hollywood filmmaking?

    Can we fight for freedom with fiction?

    Do games have moral conscience?


    What’s co-living good for?

    What if Hyperloop is a hypermistake?

    How’s tech shaping the future of city life and public spaces?


    Are robots your new family?

    Can we teach AI morality?

    Would you hack your own brainwaves?


    Is tidying up a life-changing magic?

    Can yoga help envision what’s to come?

    Can philosophy save business?


    Would you control robots with your mind?

    Is the future female?

    Why are Silicon Valley billionaires preparing for the Apocalypse?


    Is it time to control mass tourism?

    Do locals have more right to a city?

    Can anyone actually own a famous sight or world heritage?


    Peter Thiel
    Chairman of Palantir Technologies

    One of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Co-founder of PayPal, investor of Facebook, LinkedIn and SpaceX. Named “the most powerful person in tech” who dares to be dangerous.

    The world's first android citizen

    Looking like a futuristic Audrey Hepburn, she grimaces and chuckles, and cracks jokes that make our blood curdle: meet Sophia the most advanced creation of Hanson Robotics. The computer driven media darling has given numerous interviews, sung in a concert, starred in talk shows, and even graced the cover of Elle magazine. And as Saudi citizen she has more rights than average flesh and blood Saudi women.

    Jacquelline Fuller
    Vice President of Google

    Head of, a data-driven, human-focused philanthropy powered by Google. Investing more than $200 million annually they support innovative nonprofits using technology to create more opportunities for everyone to learn, succeed and be heard.

    Ted Chiang
    Rockstar of new millennium sci-fi

    Would you reprogram your own mind? Would you adopt a computer program? Multi-award winning superstar of sci-fi Ted Chiang's 'Story of Your Life' is described by many as the most important collection of short stories in the new millennium.

    Azar Nafisi
    Bestselling Author of Reading Lolita in Tehran

    Azar has written on the political implications of literature and culture, and the human rights of Iranian women. Her book, 'Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books' has spent over two years on The New York Times bestseller list, has been translated in 32 languages, and won major literary awards.

    Massimo Bottura
    Superchef with a mission

    The three Michelin star chef fights against hunger, food wastage and social exclusion with his nonprofit association, Food for Soul. Cooks use ingredients destined to be thrown out in the community kitchens where they feed the poor and homeless.

    Margrethe Vestager
    EU Commissioner for Competition

    Described by the Economist as 'the rich world’s most powerful trustbuster', and one of the 100 most influential people in 2017 by Time Magazine, Commissioner Vestager has been a professional politician since the age of 21. She brought antitrust charges against Google and initiated investigations against tech giants like Amazon and Apple. She is also a mother of three.

    Jeffrey Tucker
    Anarcho-capitalist, founder of

    A firm believer of self-regulation, Jeffrey is the Content Director for the Foundation for Economic Education, founder of, a 'social network and online publishing platform for the liberty minded' and the director of a cryptoasset hedge fund. He is the editorial director of American Institute for Economic Research and the author of 'A Beautiful Anarchy: How to Create Your Own Civilization in the Digital Age' among others.

    Kino MacGregor
    America's favorite yoga teacher

    With over a million followers on Instagram, Kino’s dharma helps people experience the limitless potential of the human spirit through yoga. Having almost two decades of experience she is one of the few to receive the Certification to teach Ashtanga yoga by its founder.

    Chris D. Thomas
    Chris D.
    Bestselling author of 'Inheritors of the Earth'

    Renowned ecologist and environmentalist Chris gives hope to those who believe that human beings have irrevocably damaged the natural world. Chris shows us that we should not treat the Earth as a faded masterpiece that we need to restore and reminds us that the story of life is the story of change.

    Sena & Redred
    & Redred

    The musical hipsters with European and African connections mix 90s house, warbly garage basslines and dreamy synths, introspective lyrics called African Electronic Dance Music. Best served live.

    Chad Freidrichs
    Director of The Experimental City

    Chad's latest documentary, 'The Experimental City' analyzes the futuristic developments of the past. His earlier film tells how the American city has changed through the lens of the infamous Pruitt-Igoe housing development. In addition to making documentaries, he teaches film production and film criticism at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri.

    Nathan Crowley
    Production designer of Interstellar

    Visionary production designer, three times Academy Award nominee. A regular collaborator with Christopher Nolan, Nathan designed the entire Dark Knight trilogy. His recent projects include Interstellar, Westworld and Dunkirk.

    Anna Newell Jones
    Newell Jones
    Guru of debt-free living

    Eight years ago, Anna was suffocating under the weight of debt. She reached a breaking point and took drastic action: by stopping all unnecessary spending she eliminated a debt close to $24,000. Nowadays, Anna is on a mission to help others as the author of 'The Spender’s Guide to Debt-Free Living'.

    Ernesto Hartikainen
    Circular economy specialist

    Combining Cuban passion and Finnish efficiency, Ernesto deepens the understanding of the carbon-neutral circular economy, a new economic paradigm aimed at solving the challenges of finite natural resources and climate change at Finland’s premier future organisation Sitra.

    George Friedman
    Founder of Geopolitical Futures

    Founder and Chairman of the publication Geopolitical Futures. One of the globe's best known intelligence experts and geopolitical forecasters who has correctly predicted world-changing events — including the EU crisis, the Ukraine conflict, and the US-Iranian truce. He is the author of six best-selling books, including "The Next Decade", "The Next 100 Years" and "Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe".

    Vess Popov
    Business Development Director of Cambridge Psychometrics

    Vess is the master of leveraging academic research and commercial insight to transform how we work, shop, move, meet and play. His initiatives aim to ensure citizens retain control over their digital identities. As an accomplished guitar player and lawyer-turned-big data professional, he develops predictive algorithms based on over 6 million users’ data.

    Eliette & Marieke Staub
    Eliette & Marieke
    Founders of Clarity

    The Staub twins embody the essence of how the KonMari method can impact one's life: reconnecting with one's self and designing the life one wants. Their objective is to help people to live a more simple and happy life through their decluttered, joy-sparking living space.

    Claudia Pavarini
    Energy Modeller at IEA

    Competitive tennis player and your personal guide to the future of energy storage. Claudia knows the ins and outs of the gold standard of energy analysis, and why energy storage is a good way to unlock a cleaner future - but with many uncertainties.

    Shem Magnezi
    Author of "Fuck You Startup World"

    The man behind the 'Fuck You Startup World' post, a viral and furious anti-Silicon Valley rant. When not publicly melting down, Shem is a senior full stack developer with a decade of experience in various domains.

    Brian Lainoff
    Consultant at Crop Trust

    How will you get your daily bread and coffee if a nuclear war or a natural disaster strikes? The communications guru of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault , the "insurance policy for the world's food supply" will tell you if you can sleep tight.

    Andrew Taggart
    The Practical Philosopher

    Do you want to lead the most excellent human life?, asks Andrew of the happiness- and productivity-obsessed Silicon Valley leaders. His answer is that optimizing your life and business is actually a formula for misery. A kind of Chief Philosophy Officer, Andrew summons ancient thinkers to probe eternal questions about a good life.

    Paola Diana
    Glass ceiling cracker

    Trained in martial arts, the entrepreneur, author, activist Paola knows how to fight the impossible. She believes that women will save the world and her mission is to empower and support them.

    Troy Evans
    Founder of CommonSpace

    Burnt out by corporate change-management work, Troy started working from home. He learned quickly the value of having a coworking space and that the best versions of ourselves are expressed when we do so in a group. CommonSpace shows a new way of living, working and making connections.

    Alex Berezow
    Author of 'The Little Black Book of Junk Science'

    Instead of sterile labs, Alex chose the big picture. He is the Senior Fellow of Biomedical Science at the American Council on Science and Health and former founding editor of RealClearScience. Alex enthusiastically opposes Stephen Hawking's predictions about the gloomy future of humanity.

    Budapest Show Choir
    Show Choir

    With a repertoire of pop-, rock-, musical-, jazz, gospel, spirituals and soundtracks Budapest Show Choir is the first real American style show choir in Hungary. A regular performer at both international and Hungarian events and creator of the Brain Bar Hymn with iamyank.

    Mason Bretan
    Whizzkid of music technology

    So long, Beethoven. Music technology whizzkid Mason Bretan and his four-armed, marimba-playing robot Shimon have toured the world. The droid not only plays music, but it crafts its own tunes.

    Antonio García Martínez
    García Martínez
    Bestselling author of 'Chaos Monkeys'

    Frantic pivots, enthusiastic ass-kissing and excruciating internal politics: welcome to Silicon Valley. Ex-Facebook employee and author of the bestselling 'Chaos Monkeys' Antonio Garcia Martinez wants people to know the Valley isn’t really the way it’s portrayed.

    Andrea Osvárt
    Award winning actress & producer

    Working with the greatest film stars and directors was not enough for her: she set up her own film production company and gives her name to ambitious feature films.

    Jody Kochansky
    Chief Engineer of BlackRock

    Jody has been with BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, for over two decades in a variety of leadership roles within technology, analytics and portfolio management. He is responsible for defining and implementing the vision for the Aladdin platform used globally by BlackRock and many of its clients.

    Christopher Mattheisen
    CEO of Magyar Telekom

    Chris studied economics at Columbia University. He started his telecommunications career in 1993 at the legendary local Westel 900. From 2006, he has been the CEO and member of the Board of Magyar Telekom.

    Miranda Wang
    Co-founder and CEO of BioCellection

    Miranda is CEO of BioCellection, a Silicon Valley-based company that is using chemistry to turn plastic waste into chemicals and new materials. She has been an entrepreneur since childhood and received BAs in biology, philosophy, and engineering entrepreneurship.

    Mr. Die

    A key figure on the Hungarian hip hop scene spinning steadily since the mid-90’s. He and his friends created the longest running Hungarian hip-hop party series to date. Congrats, guys: RH crew turns 20 in March.

    David Johnson
    Director of the Center for Advanced Defense Studies

    Decorated veteran and Army strategist, Dave leads C4ADS, a non-profit leveraging emerging technology to study the illicit networks that perpetrate corruption, trans-national crime, and political violence. Prior to C4ADS, he worked for Intel as Director of Digital Security Products.

    Valencia James
    Performing artist and researcher

    Barbadian performer, maker and researcher interested in the intersection between dance, theatre, technology and activism. Valencia co-founded the AI_am project, which explores the application of artificial intelligence in dance. She also creates and performs solo works which explore stereotypes and hate-speech.

    Stephen Jones
    Deputy CEO and EVP of Wizz Air

    New Zealander by birth, Stephen joined Wizz Air from Air New Zealand. His experience as top manager ranges from leading key strategy, commercial and digital teams to being responsible for sustainability and business transformation teams. A keen sailor and surfer, Stephen is adapting to the European lifestyle nicely.

    Zsolna Ugron
    Author, champion of female empowerment

    By evoking the lives of notable women through history in her bestsellers, she sets an example of integrity and free spirit for 21st century women.

    Melanie Seymour
    Head of BlackRock Budapest

    A passionate mentor honoured with the Knight Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary while BlackRock has won the Investor of the Year award in the Center of Excellence category. Melanie has been with BlackRock for more than 7 years and is heavily involved in talent and diversity initiatives. She is Co-Chair of the internal Women’s Network as well as being part of the advisory board of Women in Banking and Finance.

    David OReilly
    Virtuoso of 3D animation

    Video games as philosophy? Sure. Reading the Bible word-for-word backwards for inspiration? This is the surreal world of filmmaker and artist David OReilly, whose 3D animated films recently stormed the world of games and interactive art.

    Francis Tseng
    Chief skeptic of Silicon Valley

    What can be so upsetting that makes you create a game? Francis, a designer and software engineer created a startup simulator called The Founder whose deep cynicism was based on his own experience. He thinks tech companies wield great influence over people’s lives, but don’t always take responsibility for their actions.

    Shamus Rae
    Head of Digital Disruption at KPMG UK

    Leading on Intelligent Automation for KPMG, focusing on transformation through cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. Shamus is uniquely talented in anticipating, interpreting and exploiting new markets and technologies.

    DJ Nara

    The only female hip-hop, RnB, trap, mombathon, future bass DJ in Hungary has a pretty impressive track record. Nominated for the breakthrough act of the year award, she warmed up for superstars like Marshmello, ​The Chainsmokers, Zedd, DMX, Duke Dumont, Wiz Khalifa, Redman, Sean Price and Tyga.

    Ari Popper
    Founder and CEO of SciFutures

    Founder and CEO of SciFutures, an innovation house once labelled 'the coolest company on Earth'. His team a panel of 100 sci-fi writers create future scenarios to develop products, accelerate innovation and help clients like Ford, Pepsi and the United States Navy to "test drive the future”.

    James Beacham
    Experimental particle physicist at CERN

    Member of the team that discovered the Higgs boson at CERN’s world-famous Large Hadron Collider. James is on the hunt for evidence of new particles — dark matter, gravitons and dark photons — and is obsessed with finding new ways to tackle the most pressing unanswered questions of physics with future experiments.

    Marc Firestone
    President External Affairs & General Counsel of Philip Morris International

    Before joining Philip Morris International in 2012, Mr. Firestone was Executive Vice President, Corporate and Legal Affairs and General Counsel of Kraft Foods Inc.. Mr. Firestone is a co-founder and the chairman of the Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession and Adjunct Professor of Law at New York Law School.

    Kim Larsen
    Chief Technology and IT Officer of Magyar Telekom

    With more than 16 years of senior management experience in the telecommunication industry, Kim is passionately interested in how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will shape our immediate, near and longer term future.

    Ildikó Taksz
    Head of banking and finance at KPMG Hungary

    Starting as a consultant at McKinsey, Ildikó spent nearly 15 years in banking as regional lead for Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.

    Juan Bernabé-Moreno
    Head of Global Advanced Analytics at E.ON

    Renowned data science evangelist specialized in leveraging artificial intelligence to reshape the energy sector and come closer to the 100% carbon free goal. He helps big organizations make the most of their data assets and connecting the state-of-the-art AI research to the industry to maximize the impact.

    Tony Douglas
    Head of Brand, Marketing and Communications at BMW Group

    Expert on emerging media innovations and advanced user experiences, Tony's currently responsible for BMW's DriveNow, ParkNow and ChargeNow as well as a number of strategic investments providing sustainable innovative mobile solutions that improve urban mobility.

    Freak Fusion & Healium
    Freak Fusion
    & Healium

    Freak Fusion and Healium is a cross between cyberpunk comics and a freak circus with twisted circus characters, aerialists, dancers, jugglers and acrobats who get lost in cyber space lit by a LED cloud.

    Slomó Köves
    Leading rabbi of the Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation

    Descending from several generations of rabbis, Slomó finally found his own vocation at the age of 14. Born in Budapest, he studied abroad in the yeshivas of New York, Pittsburgh and Paris and returned to become one of the most active religious leaders in Central Europe. He serves as chief rabbi of the Hungarian Defence Force and is the founder of the first Hebrew-Hungarian bilingual kindergarten and elementary school in Budapest.

    Parno Graszt

    Coming from a small village in eastern Hungary called Paszab, the members come from the same family. Parno Graszt (Romani for white horse symbolizing purity and freedom) honest, energetic and direct music is rooted in the Paszab area.

    DJ Future

    DJ Future was the first to appear on the Hungarian underground hip hop scene with his band Bupino. The audio-video DJ of Irie Maffia, a popular Hungarian band, plays twerk, trap, jerseyclubmusic, garage and bass-based sets at club nights.

    Jörg Bauer
    President & CEO at Tungsram Group

    Previously President of GE Hungary, Jörg received the Knight of Cross from the Order of Merit of Hungary for strengthening economic relations and Hungary's competitiveness. He also serves as the president of the Board of Trustees of the Sports University, Budapest and recently became the president of the advisory board of the Corporate Volunteering Council, Hungary.

    Brian Bannister
    Global Head of Communications at KPMG

    Brian began his career after university as a political lobbyist in London and Brussels, working for one of the UK’s largest charities and then building political support for major infrastructure projects. For the last decade he has led communications teams in the UK, EMA and now globally dealing with some of the big business issues facing KPMG and the firm’s clients.

    Joel Murphy & Andrew Keller
    Joel Murphy &
    Andrew Keller
    Gurus of human-robot interaction

    The engineers of revolutionary brain-computer interface not only imagine a world safe for robots and humans, but aim to radically change the way you can interact with computers by thought recognition devices.

    Steve Fuller
    Philosopher, sociologist of science and technology at University of Warwick

    Steve founded the interdisciplinary field of Social Epistemology, exploring the role knowledge plays in shaping who we are and what societies should be like. His latest book is Post-Truth: Knowledge as a Power Game.

    Anita Roth
    Head of Policy Research at Airbnb

    Having worked extensively across the United States and Asia, Anita is a city planner focusing on planning, policy, and economic development and now leads a team of data scientists evaluating the impacts and benefits of regulation and Airbnb's business model in cities around the world.

    Ernö Duda
    Biotech pioneer

    Serial entrepreneur whose company SOLVO, the largest biotech venture in Hungary, was recently acquired by Citoxlab, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical services provider.

     The Szalonna Band
    The Szalonna Band

    The outstanding Hungarian folk music ensemble plays the most beautiful authentic tunes from the Hungarian speaking region, and revised masterpieces of folk music as well.

    Patrick Vlaskovits
    Entrepreneur & Customer Development Master

    Patrick is a NYT bestselling author and entrepreneur. His writing has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, and The Browser. Patrick routinely speaks at technology conferences and serves as a mentor for 500 Startups seed fund and startup accelerator. He is also founder and CEO of Superpowered.

    Ryan Sumo
    Founder of Squeaky Wheel

    Forget your first world problems, and see what really matters. Artist of award winning, cult games Ryan Sumo brings attention to current affairs in developing countries and creates strategy and simulation games that encourage critical thinking.

    Bonnie Christian
    Senior editor at Wired

    Part of Wired's editorial team, Bonnie is always looking out for how technology and innovation is shaping our future - for better or worse.

    Galactic Jackson

    Galactic Jackson, the kick-ass synthesizer wizard straight from Újpest is ready to rock the stage of Brain Bar. A great fan and collector of the 80's vinyl album covers, his set is deeply influenced by the Italo pop disco and synth music of the late 20th century.

    David Magic
    World-class manipulator

    Winner of silver medal at the Monte Carlo Magic Grand Prix and second place at the World Championship, David is most famous for his classic manipulations and performing interactive magic involving the audience, micro or table magic.

    Rana Dasgupta
    Novelist and essayist

    Award-winning British novelist named one of Britain's best novelists under 40 by The Daily Telegraph and one of 70 people making the world of tomorrow by Le Monde has named him. He is Distinguished Visiting Lecturer and Writer-in-Residence in the Department of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University. His books have been translated into twenty-one languages.

    Gittemary Johansen
    Sustainability Lecturer

    24-year old Danish-born Gittemary discovered the zero waste movement 3 years ago and never looked back. She gives talks and workshops about zero waste - low impact living and veganism.

    Dávid Bisztrai
    Director of Engineering, LogMeIn

    Dávid is currently responsible for one of the most exciting and visionary fields as leader of the machine learning engineering & research team. He's passionate about AI specializations like machine learning, deep learning and NLP (natural language processing) and also keen on mentoring and building engineering talents for the LogMeIn team.

    Soma Hajnóczy
    Challenger of the impossible

    The only Hungarian ever to become world champion of stage magic twice. His trademark is mixing magic with comedy. He travels around the world, and his videos were viewed by millions.


    Award-winning young electronic music producer Samo Štefanec and velvet-voiced Jana Štefancová bring on melodic lines, punchy rhythms, melancholic and positive themes.

     Esteban de la Torre
    Esteban de la Torre
    Co-founder of EJTECH Art & Tech Lab

    Esteban de la Torre and Judit Eszter Karpati are an art & tech lab working on experimental interfaces, interactive installations, soft circuitry and hybrid art pieces.

    Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky
    Deputy Mayor of Budapest

    Aiming at making Budapest a popular and more visible city abroad, the expert of the Budapest city brand and image supervises the operation of theatres, museums, sports centres and other institutions and also responsible for tourism issues in the city.

    Dávid Farkas
    Deputy CEO of Accomodations, Hungarian Tourism Agency

    Dávid spent a decade in the hotel industry, worked for international hotels as Director of Revenue, responsible for hotels’ sales strategy and financial performance. Recently became the Deputy CEO for Accommodations and Gastronomy at the Hungarian Tourism Agency where together with the team they are working every day to make sure Hungary is one of the best destinations.

    László György

    Rozina Wossala
    Chef and Hedonist

     DJ Bronk
    DJ Bronk

    Bronk is a Hungarian born, London based reggae music collector-selector. He and his former crew - More Fire Crew - started organizing parties in the early 2000's. In 2008 he moved to London where he proudly presents the funk, soul, reggae music, lovers rock, roots and early dancehall ever since.

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    The world's greatest masterminds gather in Budapest once again to debate futures. Brain Bar brings together the brightest minds from all over the globe to discuss what's to come. Technology itself is NOT the future. What really matters is the moral choices we make as humans. Critical thinking is in our DNA. We don’t pick sides but explore all scenarios. We don’t care for taboos but stand for open debate. We will inspire and we walk the talk.

    To think about the future
    differently, to think about
    technology differently, to
    think about your place in it.
    That's what Brain Bar does.
    Chris Hadfield
    World's best known
    living astronaut

    Alumni highlights

    Niall Ferguson

    A non-engineer maker and robotics enthusiast from Los Angeles. Her widely popular videos have been featured on Wired, Mashable, Business Insider as well as in The Late Show and Conan O Brien. She recently joined TESTED, a team of makers founded by master robot-builder Adam Savage.

    Richard Florida

    Writer, photographer, conservationist, world renowned guru of digital culture. Kevin is founding editor of WIRED magazine, founder of Hackers Conference and author of several books, including 'Out of Control - The New Biology of Machines, Economic and Social Systems'. He was futurist adviser of the movie Minority Report by Steven Spielberg. Kevin's newest book, 'The Inevitable - Understanding The 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future' is a New York Times bestseller. He'll fly in to Brain Bar Budapest straight from Pacifica, California.

    Sugata Mitra

    Founder of Geopolitical Futures and former Founding Chairman of Stratfor. One of the globe's best known intelligence experts and geopolitical forecasters who has correctly predicted world-changing events — including the EU crisis, the Ukraine conflict, and the US-Iranian truce. He is the author of six best-selling books, including "The Next Decade", "The Next 100 Years" and "Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe".

    Neil Harbisson

    Trained in classical ballet and interior design McRae’s artistic study of technology began during her years at Philips Design, where she led the technology company’s far-future research lab. With a broad portfolio that focused on emotional sensing, she developed stretchable electronics and an electronic tattoo. Her range of emotion sensing dresses was awarded TIME’s Best Inventions of 2007. McRae is the inventor of the Swallowable Parfum and has spoken at Tribeca Film Festival, London’s Royal College of Physicians, Royal Albert Hall and BBC World Radio Service.

    Ken Goldberg

    Director of the Center for Complex Network Research at the Northeastern University. His work lead to the discovery of scale-free networks in 1999, and proposed the Barabási-Albert model to explain their widespread emergence in natural, technological and social systems, from the cellular telephone to the WWW or online communities. His best-selling book "Linked: The New Science of Networks" is available in fifteen languages worldwide.

    Tina Saaby

    Neil Harbisson is a Catalan-raised, British-born contemporary artist and cyborg activist best known for having an antenna implanted in his skull and for being officially recognized as a cyborg by a government. The antenna allows him to perceive visible and invisible colours such as infrareds and ultraviolets via sound waves. The antenna’s internet connection allows him to receive colors from space as well as images, videos, music or phone calls directly into his head via external devices such as mobile phones or satellites. Harbisson identifies himself as a cyborg, he feels both his mind and body are united to cybernetics. He doesn’t feel he is using or wearing technology, instead he feels he is technology. His artworks investigate the relationship between colour and sound, experiment the boundaries of human perception and explore the use of artistic expression via sensory extensions. In 2010 he co­-founded the Cyborg Foundation with Moon Ribas, an international organization that aims to help humans become cyborgs, defend cyborg rights and promote cyborgism as a social and artistic movement.

    Niall Ferguson
    The man behind Stanford Prison Experiment

    Professor Zimbardo was born in New York in 1933. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College, triple-majoring in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology. Afterwards, he received his M.S. and Ph.D from Yale University, where his advisor was Neal E. Miller. He taught at Yale, NYU and later at Columbia as well. He joined the Faculty of Psychology at Stanford in 1968. His famous prison experiment is considered to be one of the world’s top ten most famous experiments.

    Richard Florida

    Tina Saaby has been the Chief City Architect at the City of Copenhagen since September 2010. She inspires, facilitates, advices, and coaches the politicians and City Administration. Her responsibility is to help defining architectural guidelines and visions in developing the city based on the Architectural Policy.

    Tina Saaby is also Visiting Professor at Sheffield University and external examiner at University of Roskilde, University of Copenhagen and she is the Chairman of the Advisory board at The Royal Academy of Arts School of Architecture, Design and Conservation.

    Sugata Mitra

    Sugata Mitra is at the forefront of a new approach to education which challenges how we teach today’s children in a technological age. He is Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University, UK and previously a Visiting Professor at MIT in the US. Sugata is currently working on the School in the Cloud, which is the culmination of over a decade of research and observations from all over the world.

    Neil Harbisson

    Food entrepreneur and digital strategist. Her company Bitty Foods is based on the revolutionary idea that insects are the best sustainable source of protein for humans. In 2014, Bitty Foods was named among 'The world's 100 brilliant companies' by the Entrepreneur magazine.

    Ken Goldberg

    A leader on the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, he is helping build trust to empower future generations. He was awarded an honorary doctorate in Civil Law from the University of Kent, for his work at KPMG and the BBC.

    Tina Saaby

    Politician, computer expert and social activist known for co-founding the world's most resilient bittorrent site Pirate Bay. He was imprisoned in 2014 but ran for the European Parliament in the same year, expressing concerns over the centralization of power in the European Union. He also founded Flattr, a Sweden-based microdonation provider and currently works as an artist in residence at the collective of Konsthack.