"First time in my life, I feel like a VIP"

Why students and teachers are the most honored people at Brain Bar.

I still remember (and always will) the moment when Andrea, a dynamic young high school teacher from Budapest came to me and expressed her happiness

"for the first time in her life when she felt herself a VIP"...

Yesss it is happening! The purpose why we've started it all is actually there, I thought -- in a reachable distance.

From the very beginning of Brain Bar's existence, students and educators are free to join our festival without any admission. The reason is simple -- beside helping our wider community of business, political and cultural leaders to catch up with global trends, by far our most important mission is to support and inspire the next generation.

This year, we're able to expand the Brain Bar community even further by DOUBLING the volume of free student and teacher all-pass vouchers, raising the number to two thousand.

Our stand-alone career fair Future Jobs and even the choice of our scenic new venue, the Danube side campus of the Budapest Corvinus University are also manifestos of our efforts to push Brain Bar towards the epicenter of generational change.

Because having even the strongest line-up in Brain Bar's history -- robots, investors, chefs, designers or sci-fi authors -- can be insufficient to make real impact if we leave out the citizens of the future. Even if they've no serious income, or no income at all...

We believe that information, knowledge, network and inspiration should NOT be the privilege of those who are well paid, who can afford festival tickets.

Dear studs and teachers, our beloved VIPs: Brain Bar is still open for your applications. Register now and let's meet in person only a month from now!

(On the cover: a student with Google's principal scientist Greg Corrado on Brain Bar main stage in 2017)

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