Talking about the future of

Sexual freedom or identity crisis? Age of genetic engineered super-babies? Is technology a friend or a foe to our children? How many people can live on our planet? What will be the most challenging question of human commitment?

Does big data know us better than we know ourselves? Is it keeping us in political bubbles? Will wearables transmit our biometrics and apps process it as big data?

What is the recipe for fighting brain drain? How can science fiction save capitalism? Will sport redefine success in business?

How do gangsters guide modern entrepreneurs? Will online pirates ransack our bitcoin chests? Can we put an end to the shadow economy?

Is prosthetics the 'new black'? Does body modification change human behaviour? Should we redesign ourselves through surgery and chemical intervention?

Can science fiction predict the future? Will conscious machines wipe out humankind? Would you ever fall in love with a robot?

Is the next world war coming? Has the end of capitalism begun? Will Europe become irrelevant?

Did you know that the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world? Is this going to change what we buy?How can the clothing sector benefit from new technologies, processes and business models?

What happens when we run out of drinking water? Which species will go extinct in 2017? Can we survive climate change? Lets go explore! See you at Brain Bar Budapest.

Why do most diets fail? Is there real science behind what we eat? Where does the key lie to health and weight loss?

Where have all the UFOs gone? What is a shadow biosphere? Is it possible to travel through time?

Is GMO really that dangerous? What it's like to be a galactic farmer? Can we save the planet by eating insects instead of meat?

Will technology save us from fake news? How journalism can regain its credibility? What will televison be like in 2025?