Skyrocket Your Business Through Sci-fi

Workshop with Ari Popper

There’s no shortage of research and consulting firms that offer help to companies. We know them and how they work. What if you approach culture change, product development or strategic planning from another angle? From the imagination of science fiction? Ari Popper, CEO of SciFutures, believes that science fiction storytelling can be a powerful business tool for radical change and disruptive innovation. SciFutures’ method, science fiction prototyping (SFP), turns futuristic ideas into meaningful innovation and culture change.


In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • how sci-fi stories generate remarkable ideas and help reframe your mission and future goals
  • how Science Fiction Prototyping helps to transform abstract, vague or highly technical ideas into living, breathing and visceral realities
  • how to “storify” your strategy for a significant and durable competitive advantage

Ari Popper

CEO and Founder of SciFutures

SciFutures is an innovation house once labelled 'the coolest company on Earth' and has been featured in publications like Fast Company, CNET and The New Yorker. Ari Popper’s team and a panel of over 200 published sci-fi writers, help their clients create meaningful future scenarios and develop real products. They have helped organizations and companies such as Ford, Pepsi, Samsung, Intel, Visa and NATO “test drive the future”.

Ari Popper