How to innovate genuinely?
Corporate lessons from the mastermind of startups

Workshop with Patrick Vlaskovits

Startups & new brands usually launch from a clean slate: they build their brands & business model upon a product or service that fills a market niche. Well-established brands & companies may have difficulties innovating in their own battlefields due to the comfort of industry expertise. Growth-hacking & customer development techniques for well-established brands in order to come up with genuine innovation.


In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • how to apply cutting-edge business development techniques to your department & company
  • what is the secret to develop your customer funnel
  • how to innovate genuinely in a competitive market

Patrick Vlaskovits

Entrepreneur & Customer Development Master

Patrick Vlaskovits is a NYT bestselling author and entrepreneur. His writing has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, and The Browser. Patrick routinely speaks at technology conferences, including SXSW, GROW Conference, The Turing Festival and The Lean Startup Conference. He serves as a mentor for 500 Startups seed fund and startup accelerator and is founder and CEO of Superpowered.

Patrick Vlaskovits