András Lontay

Associate Director for International Client Management at Schneider Electric Sustainability Business

Can I choose a workplace with a clear conscience if environmental responsibility is genuinely important to me? Is there a company that really takes this at heart, or must I compromise? And is it a big deal if I am not interested in sustainability at all when it comes to my career? So many questions, and we haven't even got started with what jobs you can choose from in the future, when energy market and global warming-related issues are going to be even more... well, burning. To help you navigate the maze of environmental changes and career dilemmas, we’ve called on András Lontay from Schneider Electric's Sustainability Business department. András has worked for startups and large companies, in Hungary and abroad, as a subordinate and more recently as a sustainability mentor. The one thing his career stages have in common is that he’s always dealt with how global processes affect local markets and companies' priorities, atmosphere and creativity. If you’d like to know what changes are expected in companies and how they will impact your future job, meet András in Brain Bar's Talent Hub!

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