Future is our passion

By now, Brain Bar is Europe’s biggest festival on the future, where the young audience meets foreign scientists, politicians and businessmen to discuss the burning questions of the 21st century. Interactive as it is, the event has no match worldwide. We’ve put world-famous speakers on the stage like Peter Thiel,founder of Pay Pal, Chris Hadfield, astronaut, Sophia, the world’s first android citizen and Jordan Peterson, psychologist. Brain Bar is attended by thousands of young opinion leaders and teachers, who can come free of charge. Our live stream is followed by tens of thousans of viewers year-to-year. Many come from foreign countries all over the world, especially the Central European region. Among our partners, we welcome important brands like Bosch, Samsung, Google and BMW.

Who are we?

Brain Bar is a community of content creators. We produce edutainment podcasts and videos, and organize Europe’s biggest festival on the future to broaden our audience’s horizons. We organize Europe’s largest festival on the future every year, which is the perfect opportunity for our Partners to mingle with our audience and find the most talented youngsters at our self-developed career fair.

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