Bram Westenbrink

Global Head Heineken Brand

"But you can’t drink pixels!" - you may exclaim if you’ve heard of Heineken Silver, which was introduced in the metaverse by Bram's team. Does it make sense for such a physical brand to offer its products virtually? Who would even attend a product launch in the metaverse? In spring 2022 when Heineken was about to enter the metaverse, Global Head of Heineken® Brand and part of the Global Commerce Management Team at HEINEKEN B.V. Bram Westenbrink asked himself the same questions. Throughout his career he has been actively involved in the innovativeness of the brand and growing business globally with the help of spectacular campaigns, and now he was up against a new challenge. On Brain Bar’s stage, he reveals why it was worth it for the brand to endure a host of queries, why a good solution is not necessarily virtual, and how the metaverse can be perfectly combined with physical reality.

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