Csenge Tassonyi

Co-founder of Briefly

‘We forge our own destiny’ - says Csenge, the co-founder of the Briefly.
Briefly is a freelancer team management tool with an infinite talent pool where everyone firmly believes that’s it’s time to match our jobs to our lives instead of adjusting our lives to our jobs. As a founder, her goal is to shape the future of work – in a way that helps not to only the individual but the industry as whole. Her efforts were recognised in this year’s Hungarian Forbes’ 30 under 30 List, among many other nominations.
Inspiring girlboss, socially conscious leader with her partner-in-crime co-founder Réka is proving how great things happens if you give others to chance to advance themselves.
But do agencies truly look for? This time, the team of Briefly recruited some pretty good help: they are bringing the leaders of the coolest Hungarian creative agencies to Brain Bar to discuss of the future of freelancing together.

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