Dániel Váczi

Producer, Instrument Inventer

Dániel Váczi is one of the most exciting, multi-talented and versatile musicians of the Hungarian music scene. An inventor of instrument-families (Glissonic) and logic games (Urobo), composer, saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist, he explores and pushes the boundaries of classical, contemporary and jazz. He composes music for different formations. As a musical theorist, he invented a new musical system called ‘reticular’, meaning grid-like in which the pitch of the note is connected to its position in time; a kind of spacetime in music. With his musical groups, they discover and search for the unity of strict compositions and free improvisations, using the toolkit of contemporary classical music and modern jazz. Don’t miss his talk and get a glimpse of the future of music to see the next generation of instruments. 

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