Dr. Ádám Guld

Media Researcher

A lonely, yet trendsetting and fashion-creating one is Generation Z. They are defining society with their clicks, but also widening the gap between age groups. Ádám Guld, a communications expert and habilitated associate professor at the University of Pécs, Hungary, has the task of finding the connection between generations that seemed lost in this increasingly divisive world. Is it possible to restore crumbling bridges today, when all of us think differently about how we should represent ourselves on social media, what work means, what’s right and wrong? The founder of the eWeekdays Section of the Neumann Johns Hopkins Computer Science Society and the Media Quarter Association for media education, research and talent management, reveals how digitalization changes our attitude towards sex and relationships and makes us realize the effects of our media consumption. Adam Guld's speech is not just for Gen Z, but for anyone who wants to better understand the generation of the future.

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