Dr. Ágnes Veszelszki

Linguist, Communications Researcher

Communication researcher and Associate Professor, her main areas of interest are marketing, linguistics, science communication, fake news and deepfake. Ágnes Veszelszki has won the Pro Scientia Subject Leader Award; László Deme Award; Zoltán Sánta Memorial Award; Teacher of the Year and Outstanding Mentor at Corvinus University. In connection with her course at Corvinus, she edited the book Wine Communication, From Aszú to Zenit (2018); The Quarantine Dictionary, Viral Content (2020) and Quarantine Dictionary 2, Age and Disease Document (2022) document the vocabulary brought by the coronavirus epidemic. Her latest project is a call for respect, tact and courtesy: its content is available on the Protocol Communication social media sites and in the Illemkalauz volume. Join us at Ágnes’s if you need a guide in the maze of business communications. 

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