Dr. Márton Nagy

Hungary's Minister for National Economy

Whether it’s the space industry, tourism, commerce, or agricultural policy, Dr. Márton Nagy is the one who oversees all our country’s economic matters. He began working at the Central Bank of Hungary in 2002, first as an economic expert, then as an executive director for Financial Stability and Credit Promotion, proceeding to be the organisation's VP for five years in 2015. Meanwhile, he also chaired the Budapest Stock Exchange for two years and worked as a member of the European Banking Authority, among other important bodies. After attending last year, he will visit Brain Bar again in 2024 - so make sure to join him to ask your most important questions about economics and finance!

If you’d like to meet him at the festival and ask your most burning questions, grab your ticket, or if you’re a student or a teacher, sign up for a free pass.

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