Jakub Olek

Head of Public Policy and Government Relations for Central Eastern Europe and Ukraine at TikTok

TikTok is about sheer entertainment, isn’t it? Well, maybe TikTok itself thought that until the Russian-Ukranian war broke out. Content changes faster on the platform than the algorithm can track, and that’s saying something. Suddenly you were bombarded with the reality of combat when opening the application. But this time these horrors do not happen somewhere far away but in the very region of Jakub Olek, the government relations and market access expert and the one responsible for public policy and government relations for TikTok in Central Europe. Now, here is the task for TikTok to figure out its responsibilities in the conflict and for Jakub (and other hotshots, like Zing Tjseng from Vice UK) to use all his knowledge and internationally gained experience to answer all your questions about the future of social media at Brain Bar. Do not miss this opportunity!

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