Serena Di Giuliano

Architect at SANAA brought to you by Liget Budapest Project

Strategic thinker, visionary architect and global expert, Serena is a force to reckon with. She studied at Polytechnic University of Milan and graduated with a Master’s degree in Building Architecture in 2013... and started her international journey in Sao Paolo and Melbourne – a road that led her to join the world-famous SANAA Architect firm in Tokyo in 2014. Since 2015, she has been in charge of the New National Gallery, as Project Architect, part of Liget Budapest in Hungary – a project well-known as Europe’s biggest cultural development in recent years. Her goal is to enhance new relations and make people rethink their relations to the Városliget Park and the museum – come and let her redefine your thoughts on the future of built surroundings!

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