Tamás Kádár

Co-Founder of Seon, Hungary's Most Successful Cybersecurity Startup

We click on cookies just to make those annoying pop-ups go away, and let’s face it act rather carelessly when it comes to our personal data. But are companies allowed to have the same nonchalance, when they deal with our data among millions of other people? This is where Seon comes into the picture. Tamás and his team of fraud-fighters are now protecting world-known brands such as KLM, Revolut and Patreon.
Whooping growth coupled with a record investment on the Hungarian market, SEON shows no signs of slowing down. The talented entrepreneur will not compromise when it comes to transparency, making complicated processes and business decisions as clear as possible. Come to Brain Bar to learn from Tamás about what a secure future looks like, both for the financial world globally and his employees here at home.

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