Anita Williams

Google Safety Engineering Center Engagement Lead

"Platforms should just take all the bad stuff online down, or let machines do all that work so it is quick." If you consider these things to be evidence, Anita Williams is who you should talk to! Graduated from Georgetown University in Justice & Peace Studies and got her Technology Policy postgraduate degree at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School as a 2020 Gates Cambridge Scholar, she now leads engagements for the Google Safety Engineering Center in Dublin. Throughout her carreer at Google, she’s worked in counter-abuse policy across issues like political advertising transparency and child safety. Nowadays she creates knowledge-sharing sessions with European government officials, academics, and civil society groups to ensure that your data is only taken from you as long as it's convenient for YOU – whether you draw the line at YouTube recommendations or saving your favorite club on Maps. In her talk at Brain Bar, Anita smashes the biggest cybersecurity myths – make sure you don’t miss it!

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