Reciting Petőfi, Professing Love, Iain Lindsay Returns to Hungary

Iain Lindsay former British Ambassador to Hungary
Iain Lindsay former British Ambassador to Hungary Hungary Today

Brain Bar Brings Back the Country’s Favourite Ambassador

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Recited PetÅ‘fi in Hungarian, learned our folk dance in a tartan skirt, and still posts in Hungarian on Instagram. Iain Lindsay stole hearts as a British ambassador, and now he's coming back to Budapest to amaze us once again - this time on the stage of Brain Bar. 

The Scottish-born star ambassador swept us off our feet by speaking to us in Hungarian as soon as he was appointed, by never failing to express his love for our country, and let's admit it, by adopting his rescued puppy Juno from a local shelter. 

Ambassador Lindsay and Juno
Ambassador Lindsay and Juno Hungary Today

Lindsay said goodbye to his post in Budapest two years ago, but in his farewell message, he also emphasised that he would return soon. Now the long-awaited moment has come, our favourite ambassador accepted our invitation and is coming back to Budapest in September as one of the hosts of Europe’s biggest festival on the future. 


Lindsay is currently in Bahrain, but he has been following Brain Bar since the beginning and has visited the festival several times. Among this year's speakers, he is most looking forward to meeting Yanis Varoufakis, the provocative former Greek Finance Minister, and Deanna Marsigliese, the Art Director of Pixar.   


As an ambassador who has worked for decades to build dialogue between countries, he sees real value in the conversations that Brain Bar inspires.  He encourages all to stay open to new ideas and not be afraid to ask questions. As he put it:  

“If I were a student, I would read up on those presenters and subjects that are of particular interest so as to better understand their discussions and thus get the most out of the opportunity.”

He also revealed that he had never been to the House of Music, although had read a lot about the building and was excited that such a stunning and futuristic venue would host the discussions about the future. 

Meet Ambassador Lindsay at Brain Bar, Europe’s biggest festival on the future at the House of Music, Hungary, on 29 and 30 September! If you are a teacher or a student, register here for your free tickets or click here for an early bird pass! Stay in the loop, be up to date with the latest information, and join the Facebook event as well!  

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