Brain Bar 10 questions from Brain Bar

Do you still have faith in the future?

Amidst ever more wars, climate crises, and smarter AI by the day, it's becoming increasingly challenging for Generation Z youth to choose friends, school, purpose, and a vision for the future. With the 2024 Brain Bar festival, we aim to reflect just on this, posing the following question to our audience as our slogan:

Do you still have faith in the future?

We, of course, hope their answer is 'yes.' However, instead of empty promises, we aim to empower and support our visitors with knowledge and inspiration. Therefore, we will be addressing pressing questions that profoundly impact future generations. While we have a wide array of topics up our sleeves, we've highlighted 10 questions that we'll undoubtedly prioritize at the 10th Brain Bar festival.

  • Is there such a thing as free will? 

A debate on the greatest question of 21st-century science

  • Is there a limit to AI’s development? 

What if we're just about to reach it? And if we never do? 

  • Will the European Union still exist in 2030? 

A clash of optimistic and pessimistic visions for the future 

  • Can we beat ADHD?

Attention disorder, the 'epidemic' of Generation Z 

  • What if there's no solution to the climate crisis?

Pursuing the correct and intelligent attitude

  • Could rural restart be your path?

Agriculture, self-sufficiency, and the birth of a new trend 

  • Would you build your house out of mushrooms? 

Earth's architecture after the era of concrete and glass 

  • Influencers: the future of capitalism? 

Advertisement, manipulation, and value creation on social media 

  • How to invest on a budget?

Achieving financial independence during your studies 

  • What can you do better to live to 100?

What secrets could Hungary learn from the Blue Zones? 

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