All about the power of predictive AI

How does and how will predictive technology shape our world? Can humans and tech work together successfully? And how does AI impact talent? Listen to WorldQuant founder Igor Tulchinsky's thoughts about it all.

As algorithms get better and better at predicting future actions, our world is changing fundamentally: neither travel planning nor health monitoring works the same way as it used to. At Brain Bar, we asked Igor Tulchinsky to explain how this is changing the way we perceive talent and what skills are essential for humans to make the world a better place with the help of AI. Igor is an investor and author, the founder and CEO of WorldQuant, a global quantitative asset management firm, and the founder of WorldQuant University, which offers tuition-free education in financial engineering. Igor's conversation on predictive AI with the UK's former ambassador Iain Lindsay on Brain Bar's stage is now available on YouTube! 

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