All the reasons why you shouldn't hate Maths

Did you say a happy farewell to Maths when finishing school? Well, here's the bad news: Mathematics just won't quit on you. At Brain Bar, TU Delft's Stefan Buijsman told us all about why it's worth loving even if it seems difficult at first glance.

As our world is becoming more and more digital, the fact that Maths surrounds us is becoming our more and more universal truth. Be it your laptop, your TikTok-feed, or your coffee machine, modern life is but a fascinating combination of zeroes and ones.

In the past few years, Stefan Buijsman, the wunderkind who got his Ph.D. in the philosophy of Mathematics at only 20, has published several books about how Maths surrounds us in our everyday lives. And this is exactly what he talked about at Brain Bar: he smashed three myths about everyone's least favourite subject and told us how to actually make use of it without pulling our hair out.

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