The first names of Brain Bar 2023 have dropped

Princeton student Edward Tian’s algorithm, written in just three days, can determine if any given text was written by ChatGPT. Today, GPTZero boasts millions of users and Edward (22) is already an authority in our rapidly changing technological landscape. Among other exciting names, he will be speaking at this year's Brain Bar festival about the biggest issues with artificial intelligence.

At the ninth Brain Bar in September, we will also find out what kind of attire is needed to conquer outer space. NASA engineer Lindsay Aitchison will discuss the development of the next-generation spacesuit that will take the astronauts of the Artemis program to the Moon in 2025. 

Martin Gurri, CIA’s former analyst, accurately predicted Brexit and Donald Trump's presidency. At the festival, he will delve into how social media shattered the elites' information monopoly and disrupted modern societies. Russian-born American scientist Peter Turchin, who utilizes a vast amount of historical data to predict the future, will help visitors explore the clear rules of world history that dictate the relationship between the ruling elites and the masses. 

Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders pose everyday challenges for many. In September, sleep researcher Dr. Sophie Bostock, will teach us how to pay greater attention to sleep and improve our performance in our daily lives. Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht combines cutting-edge technology with high fashion, working on garments that can be controlled by thoughts and react to their environment – if you’re lucky, you’ll catch some of her creations at the festival. 

Sámuel Schaffhauser and Dávid Palánki's journey is a real Hungarian success story we just couldn’t look past this year. Despite their young age, they have already raised millions of dollars in community finance with their smart device, Shrooly, which enables customers to cultivate mushrooms at home. Speaking of local accomplishments, the festival lineup also boasts the world’s top brass band, the Hungarian Band of StreetS, three-time BMX World Champion Ádám Kun, and rising star of the Hungarian new-wave rap scene Sisi. And if that wasn’t enough, over 80 more speakers will grace our stages in the House of Music on 21-22 September - you can already get to know some of them here.

The Hungarian hosts of Brain Bar, Lil Frakk and Márkó Linczényi, are two beloved figures in Hungarian podcast culture. Stand-up comedian Sid Moorthy is to make a return to the stage for the fourth time in a row as a moderator, and Iain Lindsay, former British Ambassador, will be returning to Budapest for the festival as well. 

Free registration is now open for students and teachers. Early bird tickets are also available, and you can stay updated with the latest information on Facebook.

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