Three surprising organisational stats we learned from BCG's director

Yves Morieux is the director of Boston Consulting Group's Institute for Organization based in Dubai. An expert in corporate transformation and author of the book "Six Simple Rules: How to Manage Complexity without Getting Complicated", in 2023, he graced Brain Bar's stage to teach our audiences about going for simpler solutions to make our economies thrive. Here are 3 surprising stats we learned from his talk. 

#1 - European productivity growth rates are lower than ever

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Around the 60s and the 70s, productivity was growing by 5% per annum in every major European economy. Since 2008, this rate lowered to 0.5% on average - all this in an age when we have AI, big data and the cloud that could allow us to create better living standards for ourselves than ever before!

#2 - Organisations are 35 times more complicated than 60 years ago...

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...while the problems they are seeking to solve are "only" 6 times more complex! Of course, we've come a long way since the times when a company's biggest problem was whether their product should be the cheapest or the highest quality - but responding to new challenges with more and more committees, dashboards, KPIs and reports might have something to do with the low productivity rates, are we right? 

#3 - Corporate managers spend 40% of their time writing reports

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But if you think about it, why are reports to be trusted when people who write them aren't? All the while, at many organisations, pulse checks are now a weekly thing, and it might take up to 7 approvals to make a simple decision about changing a light bulb. There seem to be meaningless structures and rules for the tiniest things, and Yves Morieux argues that these may not be necessary: in fact, cooperations tend to work better with no rules at all. 

Of course, Yves had some solutions up his sleeve for us to get rid of unnecessary complicatedness and improve productivity for the sake of the generations to come - check out the video of the talk for his ideas!

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