Bertalan Thuróczy

Biomedical Engineer

Nothing is impossible, we often hear. And this may sound like empty rhetoric until someone like Thuróczy Bertalan says so. His story serves as a shining example that if we truly desire something, we are capable of achieving it. From a rural life, he made his way to one of Budapest's most prestigious universities, earning a degree in electrical engineering, all while battling metastatic cancer. Today, he is a biomedical engineer, a multi-book author, and an athlete, focusing on how one can "hack" themselves into becoming "Super Sapiens". At Brain Bar, he will share insights on how to become healthier than ever before, achieve an optimal physical and mental performance.

If you’d like to meet him at the festival and ask your most burning questions, grab your ticket, or if you’re a student or a teacher, sign up for a free pass.

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