Dr. László György

State Secretary for Innovation and Higher Education

Dr. László György is among the handful who not only actively decide on economic policy but also teach lessons about it! Throughout his career, whether his work concerned theory or practice, like in his job as State Secretary or his mentoring initiative for the less fortunate Tanítsunk Magyarországért (Let’s Teach for Hungary), he’s always dealt with state’s responsibility is in an economy. He is a firm believer that the goal economic policy should be creating living conditions worthy of human beings for all. But how is this achievable? Are there uniform solutions which work in every country or do we need to adjust to local conditions in Hungary? What can Hungarian economic policy makers do to tackle current global issues, and what are the limits to their responsibility? László György, the author of the book “Creating Balance - The Mission of Economic Policy”, Hungary’s State Secretary for Innovation, Higher Education, Vocational Education and Business Development, and ELTE and John von Neumann University's lecturer is coming to Brain Bar to answer all these questions.

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