Lysandre Follet

Sneaker Designer at Nike

Many people collect sneakers, but just a few design them. Lysandre Follet is one of bests – and he does it in style. He leads a team of innovative multidisciplinary creatives who use Generative Design to create cutting-edge performance sneakers like those introduced at the 2016 Olympics. A firm believer in progress, he thinks that we shouldn’t fear that artificial intelligence will replace us in our jobs, instead we should find out how we can work new technologies into our existing jobs. Generative Design, the area which he excels in co-creates with an algorithm unlocking computer the imagination and finding a new partner in computers. The results are not only individualized products which meet the requirements of different feet and purposes – but a mindset which he comes to share at Brain Bar, for all who are ready to take strides into the future.

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