Horváth Gáspár

Producer, Composer and Pianist of Irie Maffia, DJ

At Brain Bar, we aim to show the many faces our multitalented speakers and hosts have. That's no different in the case of Gáspár Horváth, a.k.a. JummoDaddy, who you may already know as a DJ, a producer, or the keyboardist and songwriter of Hungary's most popular bands. Gáspár has been a stable presence in the country's electronic music scene for over 15 years, with the likes of Skrillex and Diplo playing his songs from time to time. At Brain Bar, he's reintroducing himself as a host: he's helping Hungary's former secretary of transport Dávid Vitézy smash myths about self-driving cars.


If you’d like to meet him at the festival and ask your most burning questions, grab your ticket or if you’re a student or a teacher, sign up for a free pass.

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