József Balatoni

Educator and Author

One of the greatest advantages of the information society is that it gives us the chance to access never-before-seen amounts of knowledge in the brink of an eye. But is this really the way to go? If keeping information long-term is not really important anymore, what are the skills we've got to master? Are we really getting dumber and dumber? Well, few people know and see this phenomenon better than József Balatoni. For years, he's been the country's most popular history teacher, who we all know and love for his innovative educational methods and for accepting kids for who they are. At Brain Bar, you can meet him at his live podcast recording as he's trying to answer the question of whether the change in our attention span really leads to a transition in our intellectual capacities.


If you’d like to meet him at the festival and ask your most burning questions, grab your ticket or if you’re a student or a teacher, sign up for a free pass.

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