Yves Morieux

Who Simplifies What’s Complicated at BCG

Feeling confused in the maze of corporate structures, thinking people, products, and meaning get lost in them? Do you believe the countless rules are only there to make corporate life ineffective and miserable? Enter Yves Morieux to find the way out of the labyrinth. He has transformed over 500 companies to make them more efficient and enjoyable workplaces where people can work in ways that better leverage their ingenuity and multiply their intelligence. Yves heads BCG’s Institute for Organization, created "Smart Simplicity", co-authored the book "Six Simple Rules," and his TED Talk has inspired more than 6 million people. Now he's coming to Brain Bar to inspire you, too!


If you’d like to meet him at the festival and ask your most burning questions, grab your ticket or if you’re a student or a teacher, sign up for a free pass.

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