Stefan Buijsman

Mathematician, Responsible AI Evangelist

 Did you say a happy farewell to Maths when finishing school? Well here's the bad news: Mathematics just won't quit on you. Be it phones or laptops, you name it, modern life is based on an infinite sequence of zeroes and ones. Enter Stefan Buijsman, the wunderkind who got his Ph.D. in the philosophy of Mathematics at a ridiculously young age—20. For the past few years, he's been on a mission to enlighten us all through his books about the sneaky ways Math surrounds us in everyday life and how to actually make use of it without pulling our hair out. Now, as the Managing Director at TU Delft’s Digital Ethics Centre, he's taken his passion to the next level, diving headfirst into the world of demystifying artificial intelligence and teaching us how to navigate its boundless potential.


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